NuttallOhio Gear Box Repair


We have been industrial gearbox repair experts with over 20 years experience in repairing, rebuilding, and reconditioning NuttallOhio gearboxes. A & J Machine Rebuilders is your only choice for gearbox repairs. We rebuild your gearbox back to the original NuttallOhio OEM specifications at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment. We offer a free inspection and proposal service. Once the your NuttallOhio Gearbox is inspected for the necessary repairs, we will send a detailed report of our findings along with a proposal listing the scope of repairs to be completed.

nuttallohio gearbox repair and re-build

We rebuild and recondition all types of NuttallOhio gearboxes, speed reducers and drives. Free Pickup and Delivery!

Gearbox Repair Turnaround

We know how critical it is to get your NuttallOhio gearbox back in operation as quickly as possible. We'll provide quality restoration at a fair price, as well as courteous service and quick turnarounds.

aj industrial gearbox repair and rebuild

NuttallOhio Gearbox services

We can rebuild and recondition your NuttallOhio gearbox(s) at a fraction of the cost of buying new and save you downtime , regardless of make or model or even if obsolete.

Every NuttallOhio gearbox undergoes the same 9 step process to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Although A & J Machine Rebuilders prides it self on consistent repairs in a timely manner. We also offer rush repair for Emergency breakdowns which consist of engineers working on your equipment 24/7 until your repairs are finished.

Once your NuttallOhio Gearbox is received, we will diagnose and send you a repair authorization and quote. The lead times on repairs can change and depend on parts availability and lead time, our current repair schedule, and actual repair times. You may call or email to request specific service for your NuttallOhio Gearbox and estimated repair times.

NuttallOhio Gearbox assessment

Our on site assessment using an endoscopic camera will provide photos of bearings and gears. We measure endplay and backlash and will compare to OEM NuttallOhio gearbox specs. With this information you can plan the repair and manage the cost.

We work with both OEMs and after-market gear manufacturers for the most appropriate solution for NuttallOhio Gearbox repairs.

We carry out NuttallOhio industrial gearbox repairs on

  • NuttallOhio variable speed
  • NuttallOhio fixed speed
  • NuttallOhio mechanical changeover
  • Worm/worm wheel
  • Helical
  • Helical bevel
  • Spur
  • Chain
  • Cone or fluid
  • NuttallOhio Seal Replacement
  • NuttallOhio Repair and Part Replacements
  • NuttallOhio Overhaul / Refurbishment

Providing Repairs to following Hydraulic Hammers and many more

Quality NuttallOhio Gearbox repair and re-build services for your company.